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Recent Education Bills


As a member of the House Committee on Education and Labor, I have long advocated for education policies that strengthen schools and prepare our young people for the jobs of the future. Education begins at birth and ensuring that our youth have the opportunities and tools necessary to grow into healthy, well-rounded and productive members of society, is critically important.

I will remain committed to ensuring that every child has the right to a good primary and secondary education, decreasing education disparities, and giving all young people access to college.


Rep. Fudge’s Education Achievements in the 116th Congress

Introduced Bills

Strength in Diversity Act (H.R.6722)- This bill enables the Department of Education to award competitive grants for the development or implementation of plans to improve diversity or eliminate racial and socioeconomic isolation in public schools and publicly funded early education programs.

Go to High School, Go to College Act (H.R. 3268) -The bill creates a pilot program that allows high school students enrolled in postsecondary courses to access Pell Grants.  Federal dollars, rather than school or local funds, will allow students to enroll in college courses and earn transferable college credit, setting them on an accelerated path to postsecondary success.

The Parent PLUS Loan Improvement Act (H.R. 3353)- The bill places a cap on, and lowers, current PLUS loan interest rates.  It requires both entrance and exit counseling for all borrowers and ensures borrowers' eligibility for income-based repayment, providing an affordable pathway to higher education.

The Time for Completion Act (H.R. 3354) -The bill expands current federal graduation rate benchmarks to better reflect average rates of completion for students attending two- and four-year institutions.  It also requires the Department of Education to provide students and families with expanded access to information about graduation rates among part-time and full-time students.

END ALL Hazing Act (H.R. 3267) - The bill requires institutions of higher education to make information about student organizations disciplined for hazing or other misconduct publicly available online, updated on a biannual basis. Details on corrective measures imposed by the school on the organization must also be made publicly available.


•  Ensure all Americans have an opportunity to attend college or develop a trade

•  Protect Pell Grants

•  Provide federal funding for early college and concurrently enrolled secondary students